Welcome to the Kingdom of Gods

7,777 Divine Soldiers ready to land on the battlefield

Asgard Army is a 3D collection of 7,777 unique Divine Soldiers on the Solana blockchain.

Holders of Divine Soldiers will get exclusive items and advantages, as well as access to The Celestial Forge.

Why join the Asgard Army?

We are a powerful nation known throughout the galaxy as honourable and brave warriors who seek to keep the peace. Over the millennia, we have built a prosperous society and ecosystem.

In other words, our mission is to unite NFT enthusiasts around an innovative project and reward them for their commitment and contributions. Along with NFT enthusiasts, we are considering rewarding other cryptocurrency users as well. If you also want to involve in crypto activities, visit https://www.etf-nachrichten.de/kryptowaehrung-kaufen/welche-kryptowaehrung-kaufen/ and find which cryptocurrency to buy in 2022.

Utility & Roadmap

By minting a soldier, you will have access to the Kingdom of Asgard and all its privileges.

The gods will thank you with regular offerings and by making available to you places inaccessible to ordinary people.


Traits & Rarity

From the iron armor to the diamond sword, all equipment is allowed on the battlefield.
The Asgard Army has +120 traits, which have been classified according to a tier system.
The items are classified from Common to Divine.

Who are we?

We are a passionate team with a very complementary background, from development to design, we want to put a fresh wind on the NFT world by combining innovation and quality. You can even earn Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) from Bitcoin slot games. Bitcoin slot games usually offer NFTs as rewards for playing the game, which can then be sold or exchanged for another cryptocurrency. At Bitcoin Slots Boni you can find the bitcoin slots that offer exclusive bonuses. Have a great play with lots of rewards!


What is the total supply?

Our army will be composed of 7,777 unique Divine Soldiers.

How much will it cost to mint an NFT?


Which wallet should I use?

We recommend Phantom Wallet or SolFlare. To view your collection, click on the NFT tab in either wallet.

Is there a limit to how many Divine Soldiers I can mint?

1 Soldier per transaction - No wallet restriction

Do you have a rarity classification?

Yes, our traits are ranked from “Common” to “Divine”.

Will there be a secondary market?

Of course, we hope to be listed as soon as possible on solanart.io after the launch!

Asgard Army is a 3D collection of 7,777 unique Divine Soldiers on the Solana blockchain.