the most powerful army in the metaverse

Asgard Army is a 3D collection of unique Divine Soldiers on the Solana blockchain.

weekly giveaway

Every Sunday we organize a contest for you to win Divine Soldiers. The more active you are on the Discord, the more chances you have to win. There is only one condition to participate... To hold a Divine Soldier.

tokens airdrop

By holding a Divine Soldier, you will be able to receive an airdrop of $ASGARD every Sunday. The more Soldiers you have, the more tokens you receive, 577 per Soldier (you must hold your soldier in your wallet to be eligible).

nft staking

It's simple... block your Divine Soldiers for a while and get $ASGARD + $pHONEY in return

celestial forge

With the forge you can customize your soldiers with unique items. These items are in very limited quantity and will allow your soldiers to become more valuable. Moreover, the replaced items will be burned. To perform this upgrade you will need $ASGARD tokens.

asgard market

In this market, which is only accessible to Divine Soldier holders, you can spend your $ASGARD to buy items, soldiers and many other artifacts.

battle pass

By contributing to Asgard Army, you will earn XP that will allow the community to earn rewards. We automatically count the actions you perform on social medias and on Discord. RT, Like, Comments, Raid… We see everything.

join the army

To join the Asgard Army, I encourage you to get your Divine Soldier on secondary markets such as Solanart, Magic Eden and Solsea.

the divine items

Divine items are limited and very wanted artifacts.

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on them, you can trade them on marketplaces or equip them on your soldiers.

– Weapons Mint: Sold Out

– Helmets Mint: TBD

– Armors Mint: TBD

utility and roadmap

We are developing an ecosystem where everything has a purpose and where members can make their voices heard.

By holding a soldier, you will have access to the Kingdom of Asgard and all its privileges: 

– Weekly giveaways

– Access to the Battle Pass

– Tokens Airdrop

– Exclusive Discord channel

– Access to the Celestial Forge

– Access to the Asgard Market 

And much more…

track the progress

We have set up a public to do list of our tasks so that you can follow the progress of the project. If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to send us a message.

traits and rarity

The Asgard Army has +140 traits, which have been classified according to a tier system.

The items are classified from Common to Divine.

asgard dao token

This token will allow you to make your voice heard in the society of Asgard, the more tokens you have the more important your vote will be in the decisions to be taken.

The tokens can be used in the Celestial Forge as well as in the Asgard market.


Total Supply: 103 098 360 Tokens

Airdrop For Asgard Army NFT Holders : 43,52%

Airdrop for those who complete the form : 6,48%

Marketing : 10,00%

Development team : 15,00%

Team reserve : 25,00%

Airdrop for Asgard Army NFT holders (1 allocation/week during 10 weeks)

The most powerful Army in the Metaverse.