our vision

Asgard Army is an innovative project that encourages innovation.

We want our project to be accessible to everyone in order to accelerate the adoption of NFTs.

We are developing an ecosystem where everything has a purpose and where members can make their voices heard.

the universe of asgard

An NFT collection of 7,777 Divine Soldiers fully modulable in the Celestial Forge.

The Celestial Forge
(Coming Soon) is the place where you can customize your soldiers - change their equipment (Helmet - Armor - Weapon). 

The Asgard Market
(Coming Soon), you will be able to buy exclusive and limited equipment for your soldier. 

, this token will allow you to make your voice heard in the society of Asgard, the more tokens you have the more important your vote will be in the decisions to be taken.

Moreover this token will be tradable on the most popular DEXs.

Our universe is expanding and after achieving all this our ultimate goal is to create a video game - play to earn where you can play as your soldiers and your equipment will have special characteristics.

join the army

To join the Asgard Army, I encourage you to get your Divine Soldier on secondary markets such as Solanart, Magic Eden and Solsea.

The most powerful Army in the Metaverse.